Non-industrial, small-scale agriculture is the basis of a healthy society. Sustainable agriculture that produces healthful foods is the basis of healthy individuals. 

Agriculture should never be degraded to being a purely economic activity. The people who engage in agriculture are the roots that anchor our society so that we may thrive in every field from the arts to astrophysics. It is essential that all children be introduced to agriculture at an early age, so a seed for appreciation for healthy sustainable agriculture is planted in their hearts. Integrating disabled, disadvantaged and disillusioned people into agriculture is not only individually therapeutic but heals our society as a whole. 

It is essential to treat each animal and plant as a being that has dignity and deserves our respect. Keeping each animal according to its unique characteristics is essential. For cows, this means to let them enjoy ruminating on grass and clover and not treating them as pigs by feeding them grains and corn. 

The soil is the skin of this planet. The soil is filled with a whole universe of life so complex that we humans should be humbled by how little we know about it. Healthy soil is the basis of healthy agriculture. Keeping the soil healthy must be our highest priority in our practice of agriculture. A healthy crop rotation, ruminants and composting are the keys to building up soil fertility and maintaining healthy soil. By composting our organic waste, we may produce all the organic fertiliser we need to grow healthy grains and vegetables without relying on chemical fertilisers.

Agriculture is life itself - let us come together and form communities to make agriculture a part of our lives.

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